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Production of TPE gaskets

TopsilGlobal is known, among others, as a manufacturer of TPE seals. Their production is a process that requires the involvement of knowledge from many fields of science, including technology and chemistry. TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomers, which are an excellent material for the production of gaskets due to their flexibility and resistance to changing weather conditions and numerous chemical substances.

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Stages of production of TPE seals 

The production process of TPE gaskets consists of several stages. A very important factor in the entire process is the appropriate selection of the material itself. The next step is to design and make an appropriate form. It should be precisely matched to the dimensions and shape of a given gasket so that the final product is fully functional. The next stages are extrusion or injection of the prepared material, and then vulcanization of the finished elements.

Advantages of producing gaskets from TPE

The production of TPE seals has many practical applications, especially in the automotive and construction industries. Thanks to their flexible properties and high resistance to changing weather conditions and chemicals, these seals are an ideal solution for use in cars, construction machines, as well as in the food and pharmaceutical industries. It is also important that the production of TPE seals is an environmentally friendly process because it does not generate a large amount of waste and consumes a reasonable amount of energy. All this makes it one of the most promising directions of development of the industrial sector.

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