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Production of rubber elements

Production of rubber elements is a process that requires specialized knowledge and experience. Rubber as a material has many advantages, such as tensile strength, flexibility and resistance to weather conditions. The elements created from it are used in many industries, including the automotive industry, the food industry and medicine.

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* the products in the photo are made of silicone

How are rubber elements produced?

Manufacturing rubber elements requires precise molds and specialized machines. First, it is necessary to prepare the rubber mixture, which should be thoroughly mixed with other raw materials, such as binding agents or reinforcements. Then the material must be properly formed using the appropriate tools and machines. After obtaining the desired form, vulcanization is necessary - a process in which the rubber is hardened under the influence of high temperature and pressure. Finally, the obtained elements can be subjected to additional final processing, such as cutting or grinding.

What do we pay attention to when producing rubber elements?

When producing rubber elements, an important stage is the selection of the appropriate type of raw material. Great attention should be paid to its parameters, such as hardness, maximum operating temperature and corrosion resistance. Depending on the application, you must select the appropriate rubber mixture that will provide the required mechanical and chemical properties. An important aspect is also the adjustment of the vulcanization process to the type of raw material and the requirements for the final product.

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