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Production of TPE parts

The production of parts from TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) is a complex technological process. TPE is a material characterized by flexibility, wear resistance and low melting point. Manufacturing parts from it begins with mixing polymer granules with chemical additives in appropriate proportions. Then the polymer mass is subjected to a forming process, which can be done by injection or pressing. The production process of TPE parts requires precise control of technological parameters such as temperature, cooling time and forming pressure. Production is supervised by highly qualified specialists with appropriate experience and knowledge.

TPE parts | Production

Characteristics of thermoplastic parts

The advantage of producing parts from thermoplastics is that this material is ecological and safe for humans. TPE does not contain harmful chemicals or heavy metals. In addition, the thermoplastic elastomer is characterized by very good durability and resistance to chemicals and UV radiation. All these features make the production of parts from thermoplastics a process that ensures high quality and durability of the manufactured elements, which is important for many industries, such as the automotive, electronics and construction industries.

 Applications of the TPE parts we produce

TPE parts, i.e. thermoplastic elastomers, are increasingly used in various industries and fields. Thanks to their properties, such as flexibility and resistance to weather conditions, they are ideal materials for the production of various elements. In the automotive industry, TPE is used to produce finishing elements, seals and internal door casings. In turn, in the medical industry, these parts work well as materials for the production of pipettes or laboratory instruments, because TPE is non-toxic. Moreover, due to its softness and elasticity, it is perfect as a connecting and damping material in various types of industrial machines and devices.

It is also worth emphasizing that the TPE parts we produce meet rigorous quality standards. We have all the necessary certificates. We make sure to provide our Customers with the highest quality products that will perfectly meet the technical requirements of a given application. Thanks to continuous improvement of production processes and investments in modern technologies, we can provide our Clients with comprehensive support, leading them from the initial concept, through technical design, material selection, tool making, to mass production. Find out more about how we produce rubber elements.

What is important when producing thermoplastic parts?

The production of thermoplastic parts is a process that requires exceptional attention at many stages. The first step is to choose the right material that will meet the technical and aesthetic conditions of the final product. This is largely determined by the purpose of a given part, working conditions and appearance requirements. The next important stage is professional tool making of the injection mold. It should be thought out taking into account the shape and size of the part, production efficiency, as well as the specificity and quantity of the raw material.

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