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Production of rubber parts

We are a manufacturer of rubber parts used in many areas, such as the automotive and chemical industries. Rubber is a material with high elasticity and resistance to many external factors, which makes parts made of this material durable and suitable for use in various conditions.

The production process of rubber parts begins with selecting the appropriate type of rubber. Depending on the intended use of the product, synthetic or natural rubbers are used and mixed with other ingredients to obtain the proper consistency and mechanical properties. Then, the mixture is formed under pressure in special molds, and after cooling, we obtain a part ready for use. An important stage of production is also the selection of appropriate forming tools and quality control of manufactured parts, thanks to which we can be sure that our products meet Customer requirements.

TopsilGlobal company is known, among others, as a manufacturer of TPE parts.

* we are an expert in silicone and TPE processing

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Applications of manufactured rubber parts

The manufactured rubber parts have many applications in various industries and areas of life. One of the popular applications of these products is the automotive industry. Rubber parts are used for insulation and shock absorption, which helps improve vehicle performance and safety. Rubber elements reduce noise and vibration, which improves driving comfort. They are also used in interior furnishings, e.g. in floor coverings, as well as window and door seals.

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