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Production of rubber articles

Production of rubber articles is a field that supports many different industries with its products. Many years of experience in this field allow us to constantly improve technology, enabling us to obtain increasingly better material properties, increase production efficiency and reduce costs. Rubber products are widely used in many industrial fields, both as final elements and semi-finished products for further processing. We especially recommend materials from the TPE group (thermoplastic elastomers).

The production of rubber products requires the use of specialized machinery and knowledge of chemical processes. Depending on the type of product and its purpose, different technologies and raw materials are used, and each stage of production is subject to strict quality control. Find out more about the production of TPE parts.

* the product in the photo is made of silicone

Properties of rubber products

Rubber products are extremely versatile products. Rubber is a very universal material that is used in many areas. The properties of rubber allow it to be used in various industries and in the production of various elements. One of the most important properties of rubber is its elasticity. This feature allows the production of many products such as car tires, springs, shock absorbers, etc. The material also allows it to absorb vibrations and shocks, making it ideal for protective products such as helmets and protectors. Another important use of rubber is as seals, which perform an insulating function and protect against the outflow of liquids and external threats.

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