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Manufacturer of TPE products | Advantages of TPE

We are a manufacturer of TPE products. The processing of thermoplastic elastomers is similar to the processing of plastic. The only difference is that TPE acquires elastic properties after processing. TPE products are replacing products made of traditional EPDM rubber in an increasing number of technical applications, as a more ecological solution and ensuring a more stable quality of the final product.

The main advantages of TPE over EPDM are as follows:

  • very easy processing using extrusion, co-extrusion and injection methods
  • possibility of recycling 100% of production waste
  • possibility of recycling 100% of used finished products
  • greater degree of repeatability of the production process
  • greater degree of repeatability and higher quality of finished products
  • low processing cost

What is the production of thermoplastic elements like?

The production of thermoplastic elements is a process that requires precise planning. First of all, an appropriate material must be selected that meets certain requirements, including: durability, resistance to high temperatures and insulating properties. Then it must undergo a forming process to obtain the desired shapes. This process can be carried out by injection or extrusion, depending on the size and shape of the elements and the requirements for their production. Check how we ensure the highest quality production of TPE parts.

The next stage in the production of thermoplastic elements may be mechanical processing, which allows the elements to be precisely adjusted to the required tolerances. It usually includes processes such as milling, turning or grinding. At the final stage, the elements are subjected to quality control to ensure that they meet all required standards and are ready for use. Successful production of thermoplastic elements requires specialist knowledge and experience in the field of plastic processing.


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