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Production of silicone gaskets

We produce silicone gaskets that are widely used in various industrial sectors, including automotive, medicine, electronics and food processing. Their popularity is due to their extraordinary properties, such as resistance to temperatures from -100 to 350 degrees Celsius, resistance to chemical agents, oxidation and UV radiation. These features make silicone gaskets ideal solution for sealing devices and machines in difficult operating conditions.

What is the production process of silicone seals?

Production of silicone seals is a process that requires specialized technology and tools. The first step is to prepare an appropriate silicone mixture, usually by mixing polysiloxanes with additives that give it the desired physical properties. Then the material is formed and subjected to the vulcanization process, as a result of which the final form of the seal is hardened and properly shaped. In order to obtain the highest possible product quality, the production process of silicone gaskets is controlled using advanced measurement techniques and quality tests. In addition to creating silicone products, we produce rubber articles in a broad sense.

 What do we pay special attention to when producing silicone gaskets?

When producing silicone gaskets, we pay special attention to many factors that affect the quality of the finished product. One of the key elements is the proper selection of raw materials from which the seals will be manufactured. Silicone not only offers high resistance to high temperatures, but also has low friction and very good elasticity. It is also important to use only the highest quality materials for production, which will positively affect the durability of the seals and their insulating properties.

An important aspect of the production of silicone gaskets is attention to their exact shape and appropriate dimensions. The forming process is carried out using highly precise machines under strictly controlled conditions, which allows obtaining the desired shape of the seals. It is also important that the production stages are properly supervised and controlled to avoid errors and ensure the repeatability and stability of the process. In this way, we obtain seals with constant parameters that will meet Customer requirements.

What are the silicone seals we produce used for?

The silicone gaskets we produce are used in many different industries. One of the most important applications is the automotive industry, where they are used to tightly connect engine components such as the carburetor, cylinder head or fuel pump. Thanks to the silicone material, the seals are resistant to high temperatures and do not deteriorate under the influence of oils and greases used in engines. In this way, they ensure not only effective sealing, but also long service life and reliability.

Another area where the silicone seals we produce are used is the pharmaceutical and medical industry. They are used to tightly close various types of containers and packaging in which drugs and medical preparations are stored. Thanks to their resistance to bacteria and fungi, the seals eliminate the risk of contamination of the product and ensure its maximum safety.

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