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Production of silicone hoses / tubes

The production of silicone hoses is a process that requires precision and the use of appropriate material. Articles of this type are widely used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food industries and other industries where sterility, strength and durability of the final product are required. The production of silicone hoses begins with the preparation of a silicone mixture, which is then subjected to the extrusion process on specialized machines. In this way, flexible and durable hoses with appropriate parameters are obtained. An important element of production is also product quality control at every stage of the process. Silicone hoses must meet strictly defined standards to ensure the safety and reliability of their users.

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What silicone tubing do we produce?

Silicone hoses are characterized by high resistance to chemicals. They retain their flexibility at temperatures from -100°C to even +350°C, which makes them ideal for use in extreme conditions. They can be easily disinfected and sterilized, which is important in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Silicone hoses are produced in various sizes and colors. They require proper storage to maintain their physical and chemical properties for a long time. The production of silicone hoses is a complex process that requires the involvement of specialists who have knowledge and experience in plastics processing.

What are the silicone hoses we produce used for?

The silicone hoses we produce are used in many different areas. One of the most common uses is medicine. They are used, among others: for carrying fluids, drugs and gases inside the human body. They are completely safe for the human body because they are non-toxic and do not cause allergic reactions. Additionally, silicone hoses are used in a broad range of industries. They are used, among others: in food production, where they are used to transport liquids and gases. They are also useful in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Production of silicone tubes

Production of silicone tubes is a process that requires special care and precision. To obtain tubes with appropriate parameters, the material must be carefully selected and processed in accordance with rigorous quality standards. Silicone, from which the tubes are made, is a plastic with high resistance to high temperatures, water and atmospheric factors. This makes the products perfect for use in many industries, such as the food, medical and automotive industries. We produce silicone gaskets as well. Check out our offer!

What is important when producing silicone tubes?

In the production process of silicone tubing, proper dosing of raw material and control of technological parameters are of key importance. The articles are made in various sizes and colors, depending on your needs. The production of tubes takes place on special machines that allow for their continuous production in long sections. Proper packaging and labeling are also important during the process. The final product must be carefully packaged to ensure its safety during transport and storage and to deliver it to the Customer in perfect condition.

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