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Company overview

Founded in 1988, TopsilGlobal is a private, family-owned company specializing in the processing of silicone and thermoplastic elastomers by injection and extrusion. For all these processes, we use tools made in our own tool making department equipped with the most modern, highly precise machines.

Products manufactured by TopsilGlobal are designed for extremely responsible tasks in electrical engineering, household appliances, childcare, medical equipment, automotive and construction. Currently, TopsilGlobal employs over 200 people, has 6000 m2 of production space and 3500 m2 of warehouse, social and office space in its two plants in Poland and provides its products to more than 40 countries around the world. We also offer our global Customers production capabilities (LSR injection molding) at our own facility in China, in the Shanghai area.

We are proud to list among our Clients renowned global brands such as Philips, Bosch and Velux.

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We support your development

at all stages of product creation process 

TopsilGlobal supports its partners at all stages of product development. Starting from the project concept – your ideas and needs – through feasibility study up to the selection of appropriate material and technology. We develop, design and manufacture dedicated tools, moulds and solutions for each commissioned product. We prepare documentation with the appropriate scope of analysis of trials, tests and functionality reports. Serial production is the final stage in the whole process of creating your product. Then there is also a long-term cooperation, based on mutual trust and partnership, during which we continue to improve and refine the applied solutions to the benefit of all stakeholders. We look forward to co-operating with you!

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Your idea





Got an idea for a new product and you're not sure how to make it? Do you need a specific element according to the designed model? We can help you in any case. Our expertise in designing and manufacturing products from flexible materials comes from over 35 years of experience and knowledge of the requirements of many different industries. We will be happy to advise you on the best solution for you, taking into account the function and working conditions of the final product. We can support you both in the development of the product design and in the selection of the optimal material for it. We work according to our motto: "Your idea, our solutions."

If you come to us with a ready project and model, our team of engineers, technologists and constructors will first conduct a feasibility study. At this stage, we identify potential threats to the production process and suggest possible cost and process optimizations. Thanks to many years of experience in the construction and use of silicone and thermoplastic elements in various industries, we can look more broadly and analyze the entire part of the structure, not just a given element.

The developed product design is sent to a team of designers who, based on it, prepare a construction drawing of the tool in 3D format in the CAD/CAM system. We use the latest versions of Catia and Unigraphics NX software. Then the model goes to the tooling department, where a prototype form is made on numerical CNC machines. In the case of molds for extruded products - much simpler to make than injection molds - the profile drawing goes to the tool making department, where it is made on wire EDM machines.

The trial, production or molding form is sent to the production department, where a trial series is produced under the supervision of technologists. The products are checked by the quality control department, and the parameters of the trial series are saved in the ERP system. The conclusions from the tests are analyzed by the team responsible for the implementation of the project, which commissions the construction or tooling department to make corrections or releases the mold for serial production.

Product development does not end with its transfer to the production department. During the entire life cycle of the product, we subject it to continuous analysis and optimization of the process. We are aware of the challenges our Clients face in the face of increasing global competition and we constantly strive to increase their competitive advantage, at least in terms of our contribution to a given market product.

Leave us your e-mail address and our specialists will contact you and answer any questions, happy to share their knowledge and experience:



We specialize in customised products adapted to individual customer's needs and design, for many applications in various industries. For individual customers we offer medical products under our own brands of TopsilMed, our sister company.



At TopsilGlobal we work with two groups of materials: silicones and thermoplastic elastomers. We process them using two main technologies: injection and extrusion. We manufacture the tools for our production lines on our own, especially the moulds for liquid silicone injection - the most complex and advanced plastic processing technology.



Management through quality and care for the environment are our basic standards. We are certified to ISO 9001:2015, DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 by the renowned certification body DQS. The integrated ERP system provides full control over all processes within the company and allows us to plan the optimum utilization of resources.



We invest in the state-of-the-art solutions available in the industry. In-line video control systems, electronically controlled feeders, feedback on extrusion lines or production process simulation software are just some of our recent investments. The plant in Skierniewice commissioned in 2017 meets the highest global standards for processing elastic materials, particularly in terms of controlled production conditions for medical applications and products in contact with food.



For us, care for the environment is one of the most important principles of business. Already in the Slubica plant, established in 2005, we applied solutions such as recuperation of heat from the production halls to reduce energy consumption. In the new plant in Skierniewice, the intelligent Building Management System (BMS) ensures the optimum use of resources by automatically controlling light, ventilation and air conditioning. Water used in the production process circulates in a closed cycle, therefore none of our plants produces wastewater, except for municipal sewage.

Why with us?

In the world of elastomers, we want to be a guide for our Customers, leading them from the early concept, through the design phase, to the final product.

We strive for excellence to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our Clients and ourselves.